10 Days of Adventure Gear | Backcountry Petite

November 26, 2018

Who is ready for the holidays?  If you’re Jewish you’re already celebrating (I am now “hip” on the Jewish holidays with my NYC residency…).  Regardless of what you celebrate you probably get a break from work or school so it’s time to get outside and feel some of that brisk air on your face.  If you’re still shopping for gifts or need to add more gear to your own collection (with your Christmas money of course), I’m going to share some ideas for adventure gear over the next 10 days up until Christmas Day.

10 Days

Yaktrax – Interested in hiking this winter but worried about traction on the ice patches along the trails?  I bought these last year after moving from Arizona to New York.  My company hiking club organized a winter hike and we had to be pretty cautious since in New York the snow tends to get melty and freeze (because it’s not consistently cold).  After that hike I came across the Yaktrax which can just be thrown over your current hiking shoes to add traction for your hikes.

9 Days

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket – This is the best jacket I’ve ever owned and I wear it almost every day in the winter.  It’s perfect for outdoor people because it’s so lightweight.  You would never guess how warm and cozy it is by just looking at it because it’s so thin!  If you’re petite-sized, Patagonia is a great go-to brand anyway because they carry XS and XXS.  I have this jacket in XXS and it fits perfectly!

8 Days

Hydroflask – If you already are a Backcountry Petite follower, you know how much I love my Hydroflask.  It isn’t the most lightweight for backpacking but for a day hike or camping trip, the Hydroflask is a great option.  You can bring warm soup, cold water, or just carry ice along for your trip and it will keep it insulated.  You can keep your beverage cold or soup hot regardless of the outdoor temperature!  If you’re a fan of Bikram yoga as well, I highly recommend using a Hydroflask!

7 Days

Oru Kayak – Love kayaking but don’t have the space for one?  This one is super easy to carry around and pack inside of your car!  I’ve heard amazing things about this kayak.  A bit of an investment but if kayaking is one of your hobbies and you have limited space (or want more mobility), this is an awesome gift.

6 Days

Nike Compression Shorts – I’m sharing these because they’re mysteriously missing from my wardrobe and I’m sad about it.  These shorts are super comfortable and great for most types of exercise.  I wear them for lifting/crossfit and they’d be great for running, hiking, or backpacking as well.  They breathe really well and dry super fast.  Maybe it’s time to invest in a new pair instead of hoping my missing ones will reappear…

5 Days

Powerbank – Nowadays we rely on our phones for a lot more than just communication.  With some great apps like AllTrails we may find ourselves using our phones for backcountry adventure navigation.  Of course it’s important to learn some basic map and compass skills but apps like AllTrails might be more fun sometimes!  Because of the often limited service in remote areas, our batteries tend to drain quicker.  In addition, multiple day trips mean our phone batteries won’t survive an entire trip unless we rely on enough sun exposure with a solar charger.  Carrying along a powerbank simplifies all of these concerns and allows you to recharge your cell phone multiple times!  If you’re on the East Coast and considering hiking the NPT, I’d highly recommend bringing one of these along because opportunities for solar charging can be quite limited.

4 Days

Amazon Fire Stick + Echo Dot – On SPECIAL right now through the rest of 2017!  Start watching TV with the fire stick and ditch your cable (save tons of $$).  Combine with the Echo Dot and browse tons of channels without a remote or getting off your couch (ultimate laziness).  Okay, I know this isn’t much of an “adventure” gift but we all need rest and relaxation, too!  Spend your weekends hiking but make sure to chill out and rest your body and mind when you return home.

3 Days

Wrapping Paper (for outdoor enthusiasts) – Gotta have something to wrap these gifts, right?

2 Days

Outdoor Survival Book – Anyone outdoor adventurer should know some survival 101.  Last year I went on a really awesome winter survival trip with Destination Backcountry Adventures and I also did an urban survival adventure with GORUCK.  Some people prefer to learn some basics by reading before being stuck in a survival situation.  The reviews on this book are great but feel free to shop around for a survival book of your preference.

 1 Day

Still need ideas or looking for after-Christmas deals?  Check out one of my favorite sites for amazing customer service, great sales, and an amazing rewards program!