Work With Me | Backcountry Petite

Are you a company that ties into the Backcountry Petite theme?  We’d love to work with a variety of companies including those related to: Adventure Travel Outdoors Hiking Fitness & Health (and food-related) Dogs Please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to us on social media to *work together on giveaways, promotions, sponsorships, reviews, and […]

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Backpacking Guide for Petites | Backcountry Petite

The Golden Rule of backpacking is to keep your pack weight under 1/3 of your body weight.  However, that’s actually higher than most backpackers would consider to be comfortable.  Even following that “rule” for someone around 100 lbs, that’s less than 33 lbs which may be difficult for a longer trip unless you’re really interested […]

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Ultimate List of Hiking Snacks | Backcountry Petite

Going on a hike? Having a well-packed backpack is important for making it through a long or difficult hike.  Going backpacking?   Having fuel between meals will keep you going on your journey.  Carrying weight on your back, climbing hills and mountains, and walking nonstop will burn a lot of extra calories.  This is not […]

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