Best Adventure and Travel Blog Posts | Backcountry Petite

June 16, 2017

I plan to run this as a series “Best Adventure Blog Posts (& Travel)” for awhile because I think it’s important to create a sense of community among bloggers.  In addition, I want my readers to be able to find other great sources sometimes as well.  I haven’t had every experience in the world; it would be impossible!  Sharing these posts, you will get to know me better as well.  Perhaps the reason I share a post is because it’s an adventure high on my bucket list.  Maybe my favorite posts come from something that inspired or motivated me to try something new.  And sometimes, I will share a blog post that I just really enjoyed reading.  I hope you enjoy these blog posts as much as I did!

#1: Colourful Travel Destinations, blog

This infographic from the blog is stunning.  This Pinterest-worthy infographic caught my eye because it’s linked to some of the disconnect I have felt the last couple of years.  I thought the Minnesota winters were drab and depressing and that having warm weather year round would be the solution.  My husband and I packed up and moved to Arizona to experience living the desert life.  The saguaro cacti are pretty amazing but the landscape really suffers from a lack of color and flora.  There is about a 2 week span where the cacti bloom and the desert is beautiful, but beyond that, the desert is too hot and dry for much else to flourish.

(my photo)

Now living in NYC, my daily landscape view still lacks much color!  The destinations shared on this blog post are the polar opposite of brown deserts and cities filled with skyscrapers.  From this post, I would add the Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Kitakyushu, Japan to my bucket list!

#2: Namibia Travel Guide, Never Ending Footsteps

I would have never thought to put Namibia at the top of my travel bucket list until I read this blog post.  The experience that Lauren had along with the the picturesque scenes she shared will send many travelers booking their flights to Namibia.  For me, the photos of wide open (Namib) desert was reminiscent of the Sonoran desert of southern Arizona.

I loved how thorough her travel guide was  including options for food and suggestions for WiFi.  Then there’s the excitement of seeing all the wild African animals like rhinoceros and giraffes!  One of the most intriguing aspects of Namibia was the beautiful pictures of the night sky, free from light pollution we are used to in most areas of America.

#3: Dear Travelers to Peru, Matador Network

In anticipation for a trip to Peru, many of us have a lot of preconceptions about the culture.  The author of this post, Miguel, is a native Peruvian who serves as a tour guide with many years of experience.  Miguel discusses 5 important things to understand before you pinpoint Peru as your next destination.  I selected this blog post because Peru has been my next destination goal for awhile (life has gotten in the way).  I’ve already pre-planned my trip to Peru but having this article from a local is valuable information that will help me appreciate my Peru experience!  The most important thing I took from this article is an important reminder for all of us adventurers and travelers:

Don’t forget that not every experience is just a photo opportunity (or Instagram moment).  There is a lot of culture to learn about!