Snow Day in Central Park | Backcountry Petite

January 26, 2019

*I know it’s bad timing but I thought I posted this yet just came upon the draft unpublished!

For some, winter seems never-ending and frigid.  But for someone used to Minnesota winters, NYC is pretty mild.  It never snows enough or stays cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground more than a few days.  It’s rarely below 20 degrees.  Minnesotans learn not to let winter keep them indoors because otherwise we would have been stuck in the house for more than half the year!  It’s all about dressing right and finding enjoyment and beauty in the winter scenery.

After a snow day for most of the city, the park was mostly untouched.  I headed back to work while Harlee and his daddy ventured to the park to explore the fresh Central Park snow.  Much of the park is open to dogs off-leash early in the morning at 6am until 9am.  They can run free and play in the snow and make dog friends!

Snow Day Fun

Little white dog under a big tree looking for big adventure!

Central Park snow

Snow dog makes his own trails!

Just a quick reminder that this expansive park is in the midst of a busy city

Adventure dog exploring the fresh snow

Isn’t it breathtaking?

The sun just starting to come up through the trees

Do you spot our little white adventure dog above?

A different take on a snow[woman]

A closer look at someone’s park bench snow creation

Making snow buddies!