Stay Beautiful Outdoors (Outdoor Beauty Tips) | Backcountry Petite

November 26, 2018

From my experience, a lot of outdoorsy women focus on enjoying the wilderness and they set their normal beauty routines by the wayside.  What is important to each of woman may be different though.  Some women may avoid outdoor adventures altogether because they worry about hygiene as well as how they look after a couple days without showers, makeup, and mirrors.   Although I’m someone who tends to focus on being present in the outdoors instead of how I look, it’s still nice to have options when I’m feeling dirty and defeated.

Outdoor Beauty Tips

  • Keep your hair covered with a hat to protect it from sun damage.  The rim covering your face will protect your skin from the sun as well.
  • Wear sunscreen to keep your skin young, fresh, and hydrated.
  • Make sure to drink enough water not only for your health and safety but to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Bring at least a few products that will make you feel clean and refreshed.  It’s the little things that will keep you going on long and/or difficult treks.

Staying Beautiful Outdoors

If you love spending time outdoors you might to incorporate some beauty products into your hiking bag.  Maybe, maybe not.  But, if you do I am going to throw out some recommendations!

Dry shampoo.  This is actually the dry shampoo I use when I’m at home so I know it’s a great product!  Grab a travel size bottle to throw in your pack and it won’t add too much weight.  If it makes you feel more comfortable when you’re out camping then it’s worth bringing!

Sunscreen.  As I mentioned above, keep your skin protected when you’re outdoors.  Sun will make you look aged much quicker if you don’t use it!  In addition you will keep risk for skin cancer down.

For a complete list of outdoor gear, check out my gear list.

Pocket Soap.  Don’t just use any soap, make sure it’s biodegradable if you’re taking it in the wilderness.

Body Wipes.  When you’re in a situation where you won’t be showering for awhile, sometimes it’s refreshing to try and feel clean after a long day of hiking.  Bring along these body wipes to take a “shower” and you’ll feel as good as new!

Lip Balm.  Yep, totally basic but I cannot go on an overnight in the outdoors without this.  All day exposure to the sun, wind, change in temperatures, dry or humid air, and your lips will start to look dried out (at least mine do).  Lip balm is at minimum just a comfort item but usually a necessity for me to not be miserable!

Hat.  As I mentioned in my basic tips, wearing a hat will help keep your face protected from the sun.  It’s dual purpose though, because I usually wear hats when my hair starts to feel ugly and hopeless.  By the 4th day of a long trip, dry shampoo may no longer help and you just want your hair hidden.  If you do find that your hair has a lot of sun damage and has lost its color, check out color reviving treatments and dye at eSalon; they’re a custom at-home hair color company I just came across!

What do you bring with to keep you feeling beautiful outdoors?